How to Enter:

1 – Login / Create an account and Login

2 – Browse the available competitions and click on the one you want

3 – Answer the multiple choice question

4 – Select your ticket numbers – Manually or Lucky Dip (automatically pick random numbers)

a – Manually – click on the block of numbers you want, they may be in blocks of 500 tickets in each block, click  the ‘Participate’ button.

b – Lucky Dip – Use the up arrow to select the number of tickets you require, now click ‘Lucky Dip’. You will be shown a list of the numbers you have selected. You can now click the ‘Participate’ button.

5 – Your tickets are now in your cart.

6 – You can either checkout now or participate in another competition.

NOTE: You only have a limited time to complete the purchase of tickets, as tickets can sell out quickly, there has to be a time limit to be fair to everyone trying to buy tickets.

Good luck from the GT Prizes Team